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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 29, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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atlantic are being effective. our meteorologist are tracking the storms around the region. let's start with bob in the weather center. >> portion remain silent of -- portions of frederick county is where the activity is. just north east of frederick and moving south just over claremont. they're strong with strong wind gust and heavy downpours and that particular cell is moving through the north east. we'll be watching that one. right now the baltimore region, nothing going on currently but that is about to change probably in the next few hours as you see. we're clear for the time being. the closest activity just south of charlestown, west virginia. there are advisories in effect
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for late tonight. pretty much west and lots of the portions of virginia, west virginia are under a severe thunderstorm. just issued also for portions of washington county storms for at least the next 45 minutes. also much of southern part of the county as you can see. we have a look at some of the temperatures. >> that's right. one of the big factors with the thunderstorms is the heat. let's take a look at the temperatures here. we are in the # 0s east of -- 90s east of the city. the thunderstorms are coming in and down the 81 in cumberland. when you factor that together you get 92 for your heat index and 97 degrees. when you get dew points in the 60s you can view the thunderstorms. we'll bring you your forecast shortly. >> we are learning more about
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the delays at dwi marshall now and joining us live is jonathan. how extensive are the delays? i know we seen a plane sitting there even though the sun is still shining. >> reporter: yes, it's shining here at dwi but there is a line of thunderstorms stretching from new england down to the south east. any time there's a large system like this that can effect major parts of new york and boston. >> i know there's planes delayed out of the chicago area. >> reporter: yeah, we're seeing delays across the board at this point. any person in the area will encourage them to check with their airline to get more information. >> travelers there now, any
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indication until the storms roll through, do you know if it's all clear? >> reporter: they'll continue to watch the weather patterns throughout the east and as soon as it moves out we'll expect to conditions to return to normal. >> thanks so much for joining us. >> police are searching for the gunman who shot a ten year old boy. he's one of five hurt in east baltimore. mike explains. the detectives believe the little boy was an innocent bystander. >> reporter: this has created a lot of fear undealt rage in the the -- outrage in the community. the gunman is still on the loose. four people were shot on memorial day including a ten year old just a block from an elementary school. >> i thank god my babies were not walking to school. >> reporter: investigators do not believe the boy was targeted, just in the wrong place at the wrong time sitting on a stoop on a hot evening.
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this mom heard the gunshot. >> there was a series of at least five or six and then immediately another four to six. now we have to worry about whether our children's going to get shot. >> reporter: does it make you angry? >> it makes me angry because it's life and it's young life. >> reporter: one of the bullets went right through the little boy's leg. >> no one thinks about when they shoot or anything who else, whose lives they're going to take or whose family is going to be hurt. >> reporter: sadly, it's nothing new. the family of 12 year old shawn johnson just marked the one year anniversary of his death in baltimore. police believe the shooter miss took him for someone else. it's been five years since raven was shot. police solved all those cases and hope to do the same here.
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we can also tell you that the other victims were all in their 20's. reporting live, wjz eyewitness news. >> it's going to be a long summer if this keeps up. police urge you to contact them to help solve the shootings. >> baltimore police say a six month old baby has died. inside her home in the 1600 block police say her father, 34 year old is charged with child abuse and the charges will likely be upgraded following the child's death. >> opponents of same sex marriage making a delivery turning in the first batch signatures for the same sex marriage law. we have reaction from both sides of the issue. >> >> reporter: on points for same sex marriage needed 55,000
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signatures. today they turned in double that. they were turned in today by opponents of same sex marriage. >> we did not just get one county, two counties but we have multiple counties. >> reporter: opponents have been gathering signatures across the state since the governor signed same sex marriage into law. high level support has actually helped them. >> when president obama and the naacp comes down to support the issue, great. we appreciate that because you have energized our crowd. >> reporter: meanwhile, supporters are calculating a new pole saying 55% of marylanders would vote in favor of same sex marriage. >> the way to support all families under the law is to support this. it does not reflect the growing on voters. >> reporter: now both sides are gathering votes before
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november. opponents say they'll continue to turn in petitions until their june 30th dead line. >> if the referendum passes same sex marriage will become legal on january 1. >> firefighters spent an hour rescuing a transit worker. he suffered serious injuries and was took to a hospital. federal investigators have been notified of the accident. >> during the john -- jurors in the john edwards trial is still working to reach a verdict. we report from north carolina. >> i'll be back. >> reporter: john edwards took a break from court as the jury's deliberation moved into a seventh day. could it be a hung jury? legal analyst say probably not yet. >> i think it's too early to push a panic button in terms of
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not reaching a verbal. verdict. if we push to the end of the week then. >> reporter: they're discussing some private issue regarding the jury and before the lunch break the judge repeated her discussions to only discuss the case when the jurors are all together. breaking into small groups can lead to division. meanwhile there's been antics with four jurors. they started dressing in the same colors and one female alternate has been making eye contact and smiling at edwards. the former presidential candidate charged with violating campaign laws has been politely smiling back. >> you don't want to do anything to distract the process. they're all jurors and feel they have no roll to play so they they would bring levity into this and as long as they're not in the jury pool it's not a problem. >> reporter: there may be a
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problem with scheduling. some need time off to attend high school graduations in the coming days. the deliberation could go into next week. >> if the jury is replaced with an alternate, the deliberations must start over from the beginning. >> tropical storm beryl still bringing heavy rain and flooding to parts of the south east tonight. home owners are dealing with major water damage, down trees and downed power lines. there's 10 inches of rain in some areas. we're tracking the storm's current location and what effect it has on our weather. >> the update comes in and there's no changes. it has made the north westerly turn. at that rate it goes back out over the water and picks up
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strength as it heads over the water. it's still spiraling to the south west of savanna. here's the general track. it really picks up momentum as it takes off to the north east. at that point it's over the warmer gulf stream waters. now, you notice winds at about 30 miles per hour, we get up to 40 miles per hour and all forecast tracks keep it south of maryland. we'll keep you updated on this mary. >> stay with wjz for forecast updates and live radar on >> it's graduation day at the u.s. naval academy. the class of 2012 is receiving a send all from the defense secretary. >> reporter: it's been an emotional day at the naval academy where 1099 shipments got their diploma.
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this moment in time marks the end of a long journey. >> i'm so proud of our class and i can't believe four years have gone by. i'm going to miss everyone. >> reporter: for some marylanders, graduating from the u.s. naval academy is a life long dream come true. >> the butterflies in the stomach and excitement, you i don't get choked up. >> reporter: a moving day moves even more. when he got his diploma, he's the first to graduate overcoming the sort of challenges the secretary of defense spoke of. enhancing in asia is now the focus. >> it's up to your generation to be sure our fleet remains unrivaled by any other nation on earth. that's why you came here. >> reporter: among to
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graduates, nearly 300 were commissioned as officers in the marines. >> this is a great combination of all the hard work. >> reporter: others in the air force and coast guard all brought together during the 100 100th talk to steal the day. the graduates will now be scattered across the world. at the naval academy, wjz eyewitness news. >> this year's class included graduates -- >> still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00. >> one of the biggest casinos in the region is set to open in a couple of days and i'm adam may with a tour of the casino. come on, give me that bonus round. that's coming up. >> reporter: ocean city tragedy and new details. >> reporter: i'm ron. there's a bit of a concert to
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help troubled teens. the story coming up here on wjz. >> unusual heat and storms definitely in the region. don't miss the forecast.
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88 degrees in central maryland now. your complete forecast coming up. new information tonight about a young howard county native killed. the college student's death is upsetting. >> reporter: 22 year old matthew was hit and killed early monday as he crossed coastal highway and 54th with a group of people. pam has a vacation home close
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to the hit and run. >> it was horrible. >> it's a little sobe ring. you come down for a vacation and it makes us think twice. enjoying every moment and we're a little more careful. >> reporter: the driver drove off. witnesses followed him and he was caught by police. he said where the accident happened can be especially dangerous at night. >> from the moment i got here there were people everywhere and cars driving by and a lot of alcohol involved and people's safety is very important. >> i'm a mom and my concern was actually what the mom would say that her son was here having a great time and his life ended. >> reporter: wjz, eyewitness news. >> police say that he was speeding when his suv hit the
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guy. >> if you're waiting for somebody to get home from work, let's check on the roads now. >> hi everyone. rush hour is in full swing. if you're traveling on the expressway it's pretty jammed up there. expect another 20 minutes on the topside inner loop. the west side inner loop only about ten minutes. 70 westbound, heavy traffic from 29. we have an accident between pleasant grove and birely road. other accidents include belair road and north utah. we're taking a live look if you can see harrisburg expressway moving slowly there and we'll
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take another live look as things move slow there. this traffic report is brought to you by accord restoration. if you're property has been damaged by fire, flooding or storms trust accord restoration. >> a small school of baltimore won it all in lacrosse and they return after capturing the national title. >> reporter: first time ever in school history they clinched the national championship beating maryland 9. 3 on memorial day in massachusetts. now the trophy the players held so close on the field is back in baltimore along with the team and players say it is now just sinking in they are national champions. >> just from this whole year and the alumni and everybody around baltimore, it was just, i mean, a lot more people talk about us this year, i think.
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>> you look around at people's faces and you think wow, this is something special. >> reporter: the players made it back to baltimore at 2:30 in the morning and they hit the field in celebration of being number one in the country. the players did a victory lap on campus this afternoon. it was an emotional moment for the coach. >> probably not since my children were born have i cried so much over a weekend. >> reporter: about 200 students, faculty and administrateors chyme out to celebrate the big win that put their school in the national spotlight. >> i think we're going to get the credit we deserve after this win. i think i'm going to walk around and see greyhounds all over the place. >> just a great time to see them win and see a whole bunch of my friends and it's special. real special. >> you know it is very special because the loyal of greyhounds enter the season ranked number 21 in the national pole. they went on to having near
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flawless record of 18-1. >> you know, they started improving when they moved over here right behind us. >> it's a beautiful field. >> congratulations. >> i saw them practicing all the time in the cold weather. they are hardworking. >> let's take a look at temperatures and conditions. 88 now. dew point up to 68. south, south west winds 13. the barometer falling ,,,,
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in people's lives and i am a phoenix. enroll in the program that's right for you. at wjz following some some breaking news. one person was trapped in the vehicle and had to be extracted. no word on the extent of injuries. one lane is still shut down as the clean up of the accident continues. we'll bring you more details as soon adds they become available. >> we know storms are popping up around the region. let's check in with bob in the weather center. bob. >> take a look at the north
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western counties. gusty winds out there. the closest activity is what you see here approaching the area in the west. it heads off to the north east and another one going towards frederick and a lot of activity in western portions of washington county. you see a lot in the mountain areas. heavy rain out there all moving off to the north and north east. we'll be watching these storms, probably take a little bit longer before it gets to baltimore, washington and metropolitan areas. for the time being it's quiet. that is definitely going to change later. we're at 88 degrees with your
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shower activity. so far i've seen a high of 91 today. south west winds. trees down in some spots in pennsylvania already. small hail also likely. this all because you get a lot of heat and humidity in the area. cold front moving in and it undercuts the warm air and 40, 50,000 feet up. it's well, well below freezing. those frontal thunderstorms can be quiet, quiet strong. we also have a pretty good south west breeze. these storms are firing up. behind the front it's much cooler temperatures in the 50s and upper 40s across the great lakes. there's a change tomorrow night and particularly we see a drop in the temperature and no humidity coming in as the front clears the area. now, friday, it looks like the warm front may bring another
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risk of shower activity friday night into early saturday. winds in the bay are becoming wet. that will help dry things out. wow, bumped up to 7 6. showers and storms later on. warm and muggy 68. gusty winds tomorrow. maybe a shower south east. still warm. 86 tomorrow. >> all right. >> still to come on eyewitness news at 5:00, contaminated fish. what they're saying about radio active tuna discovered in california. >> latest in the search for survivors. >> north west baltimore, the original officer is remembered at the school dedicated in his honor. the story next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ♪ jimmy bond
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♪ this stuff works this is wjz tv, wjz hd and baltimore. >> from cities to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> it is just before 5:30. 88 degrees and partly sunny. good evening and thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. some of the stories people are talking about tonight, just about a week until the grand opening of a casino. wjz is live to get a sneak peak at the casino. what's it like? >> reporter: i've spent a couple of late nights in casinos before and this one is really, really nice and looks like something you would see in
5:31 pm
las vegas. right now it's the only casino in the immediate baltimore metro area. are you ready to open up? >> we're ready. >> reporter: the manager gave wjz and more a tour. even if someone comes in here and don't play the machines, will it benefit every marylander? >> absolutely. we'll be one of the top tax payers in the entire united states. >> reporter: right now they have 3200 machines. they start at one penny and then there's the high rollers. we're going to bet a couple of credits and spin it and let's see if i got any luck. yeah. i won $10. the casino has a dozen of electronic games. you use your fingers to select the numbers you hope will win.
5:32 pm
nothing. like most casinos there's a large buffet and the food is cooking. what's different about your buffet? >> quality of the food and definitely the people. >> i'm proud of everything we're serving here. >> reporter: a hand full of other upscale restaurants will open as well as cocktail bars. this casino is a big job creator. thousands of construction workers and 1500 employees. one lady told me she has been out of work for a month and looking for forward to starting her new job here next week. reporting live adam may wjz eyewitness news. >> what happens in the casino, stays in the casino. >> reporter: i got a camera with me. >> the grand opening is june 6 june 6th at 10:00. >> police say an argument inside an apartment leads to a
5:33 pm
double stabbing. he stabbed his girl friend and his 18 year old son. he was also arrested for firing a handgun outside the department. he's described as a friend of the 18 year old's dad. both taken to the hospital where treated and released. >> blue fin tuna is carrying radiation 6,000 miles across the ocean from japan's nuclear plant. scientists say the tuna is safe to eat. at least 17 people dead after a 5.8 magnitude earthquake rocks northern italy. adam reports for wjz on the latest search and rescue efforts. >> reporter: a powerful earthquake takes down the
5:34 pm
church. buildings throughout the region collapsed in tuesday's 5.8 earthquake. several others fell in the aftershock. italian police say more than a dozen people are dead and more are missing. rescue crews are coming through debris looking for any survivor survivors. the center of this town has been evacuated because it's just too dangerous. she's afraid she'll never be able to return to her home. she says i feel empty, lost and terrified. when the earthquake hit it rattled the italians living in tent camps. the back to back quakes have devastated one of italy's largest industrial areas. italy's prime minister says he's prepared to do whatever's needed to get the region back
5:35 pm
to normal as soon as possible. in wjz eyewitness news. >> an official estimate that the earthquakes have left more than 14,000 people homeless. >> international pressure in syria after dozens of women and children are killed. united nations say the victims were shot inside their houses in close range. they've expelled their top diplomat. >> on the eve of republican presidential nomination mitt romney is getting help from donald trump in tonight's campaign 2012 report we have more on the questions about president obama's citizenship. >> reporter: campaigning in colorado, mitt romney went after president obama for his handling of the economy. >> the president when he got elected he said i'm going to go
5:36 pm
out and borrow $787 billion and i'll keep unemployment below 8%. it has not been below 8% since. >> reporter: the message that helped romney outlast his republican competition and tuesday primary voters in texas are expected to give the front runner the delegates he needs to become the front running gop. he's campaigning in nevada and raising money in las vegas with donald trump. the real estate mobile continues to question president obama's citizenship during controversy for romney. the obama campaign put out an internet video criticizing romney for not distancing himself. john mccain defended the president's citizenship. >> i have read about him. >> reporter: donald trump upped the antti on twitter tuesday
5:37 pm
saying the president is using john mccain in the adds because mccain lost his bid for the white house. >> we can revisit that but i think the american people are fed up with the nonsense. >> reporter: president obama was born in hawaii and last year the state released his birth certificate. at the white house, danielle, wjz eyewitness news. >> it has taken mitt romney longer than any other republican candidate to clinch his nomination. stay updated with >> president obama called in one school group who were this year's recipients of the medal of freedom. former secretary of state also received if nation's highest -- the nominees included bob dylan and college basketball's winningest coach. >> today we've got a hands on
5:38 pm
education about the meaning behind the school's name as the elementary is rededicated in memory of a fallen city police officer. mike reports from north west baltimore. >> this is why i -- where i sit. >> reporter: sitting in the police chopper getting to see horses and the k-9 units. this guy, officer calvin. they were all sit in front of the elementary school. he was 11 year old when his dad was gunned down. his last words to the killer you don't want to do this. i have kids. >> what you saw in the community is what he was at home. >> reporter: you may remember him. he was the preponderate's original officer friendly. so well like nine years later
5:39 pm
the mayor named the school after him. 39 years after his death the city rededicated the school and the students are learning something about the man behind the name. >> it's super. >> it's really nice and grateful for them coming out on this day while we dedicate the police day of our school. >> reporter: in north west baltimore, wjz eyewitness news. >> mike thank you. that school is also one of the topper forming elementary schools in the city. >> you see why too. quick look at tomorrow morning's stories. safety hazards while texting and walking. recipe for a delicious and
5:40 pm
refreshing strawberry tart and the poles for the high school sports teams. remember to look for the updated forecast. >> the winner of the safings plan of maryland contest has been chosen. congratulations to conny simmons of baltimore. you have won $1000 in a college savings plan. thanks to all who participated. when the national spelling bee begins tomorrow in washington d.c., all eyes will be on the littlest competitor. lorie ann is the youngest speller to make the national finals. she qualified by winning her competition in virginia. she beat varien twice her age. it's not that big of a deal. >> it's not a big deal. it's more like it's fun.
5:41 pm
>> it's fun. preliminary rounds are under way now. 277 children are taking part in the spelling bee. nine of them are from maryland. >> it's cool. >> it's fine. no big deal. i can spell words. >> probably go to college next year. no big deal. coming up, dangerous debris. damage after a plane's engine falls apart in midair. >> guess the reaction from two sisters who spotted this bear swimming in the family pool. >> more in the weather center. a nice cool down. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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now first weather complete forecast and a first warning of your weather. >> it's quiet across the baltimore washington area. we have storm activity west. take a look at the radar west minister west. that's where the activity is now. some of these cells have had their winds and remains up to
5:45 pm
an inch in some spots in less than an hour. we'll be watching this stuff about 7:30 or 8:00 it will probably be impacting the baltimore region. >> we have a look at tomorrow's forecast. >> this is such a slow moving storm. couple of showers and thunderstorms around tomorrow. very warm. in the afternoon a shower or thunderstorm and still warm and muggy as 86 for the high. things calm down tomorrow night. >> really dry air coming in tomorrow night. 59 and beautiful, perfect day on thursday. 76 friday and probably a shower or thunderstorm late at night or on saturday. back up to 80s and partly sunny. >> okay bob. thank you. a massive wild fire burns
5:46 pm
through nearly 100 buildings in michigan. they scorched more than 36 miles in newberry. they're determined to keep it away from other houses in the area. >> an airplane engine falls apart in midair sending hot chunks of debris falling in canada. it came from the 777 flight headed for japan. >> a new york woman faces serious charges after she drives through a house. 21 year old sophia anderson was driving drunk and sped through a sidewalk and right through the first floor of a long island home. it barely missed the bedroom of an elderly woman living there. >> fighting, bullying in school. this weekend a local
5:47 pm
organization will host a benefit concert to help troubled teams. we have more on the music and message for students and parents. >> reporter: with a friend and band member they decided to do something. >> my girl friend came up with the idea of a benefit concert. >> reporter: that concert is sunday night. it benefits the organization that helps troubled seens and fights bullies. >> we're the first in the state to work with the governor in 2004 to pass a small legislation. we want to continue that. >> reporter: she recently joined the rights and anti bullying event. after the loss of a friend, the band is speaking up. >> it was so unexpected to us. we decided we may as well help
5:48 pm
something else and make this really, really bad thing a really, really good thing. >> reporter: sunday night's concert will feature four local bands. >> it's a positive thing to be able to help people. we want to be able to save lives. >> reporter: wjz eyewitness news. >> and to get the maryland youth crisis hot line number on student photo i.d. cards in baltimore city and six counties, you can find more information on the concert on check in at 6:00 for all new stories coming up. >> the first warning weather team continues to track storms in the region. storms across the nation are causing major delays and consolations at dwi marshall. we'll have an update at 6:00. controversial ruling. a prison inmate killed on a bus
5:49 pm
by another inmate. why the judge just slashed the award given to the victim's family. we'll have all the breaking news at 6:00. now back the vick. >> thank you denice. the bear made himself at home at someone else's house. the bear decided their pool was just right and tried to beat the heat. the girl taped their furry visitor from inside the house say -- >> it seemed like video taping and staring at him totally he did not care. >> he cooled off for a while. the girls say the bear hopped of the of out of the water and walked away. you never know. >> i think he was like girls, where's my drink? just like taking it in out
5:50 pm
there. still to come, royal university enjoys their first ever national championship. what does it mean for the future of lacrosse? >> we have the answer to that ,,
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>> the lacrosse team celebrates a national championship and will be doing so for days, weeks and years to come. after the title, what's next? sports director joins us for a look at the immediate future. mark, i think they'll probably have an easy time recrutedding people i'm sure. >> that will be a big part. it is hard to reach the top and more difficult to stay there. like when the ravens won the super bowl he said he couldn't help but feel the pressure when asked how could we do this again. the trophy and accomplishment
5:54 pm
belonged to the school forever. among other benefits, the coach does expect their new status to help boost the school's image and be a major selling point in recruiting. >> when i was named the head coach several years ago we walked in the locker room and said we don't have the right to talk about a national championship. this team has the right to talk about a national championship moving forward. i think when you're able to talk about a national championship moving forward, it would be easier for you. i'm hoping that the stands are filled every saturday moving forward. i'm hoping it's a main stay. >> reporter: fifth year senior is one of eight who won't be back to defend the title. coming up in the next hour we talk about the added benefit of being a local player. also, ahead, the orioles in
5:55 pm
toronto tonight. details in sports at 6:00. back to you. >> thank co. a california woman goes skydiving to celebrate or 80th birthday but gets more thrill than she bargained for. she nearly flipped out of her harness. she held on to her instructor during the entire jump. >> after the harness came off, i didn't know anything. >> the parachute opened and they landed safely. it's now become a viral hit. >> holding on for dear life at 80. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. >> east baltimore, four people are shot including a ten year old. i'll have the latest on the in,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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coming up on wjz's eyewitness news, a big thunder storm moving in causing major airport delays. the first warn weather team is tracking it all. a ten year old boy shot this baltimore. what police are saying about the crime. 2012 has been waiting four years to say those words. i have all the highlights from
5:59 pm
the naval academy graduation next. >> wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. >> this is wjz tv, wjzhd and baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage, it's wjz maryland's news station. >> hello everyone. >> here's what people are talking about tonight. >> right now some powerful storms are rolling in the region. thunderstorm watch in effect for several counties. a number of flights are delayed and canceled. here's a look right now. storms across the east coast and south are contributing to. we have more on another did


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